From Farmer to Merchant
Ahdan provides a diversified range of product lines under the four main categories of agricultural which are produce, Fruits, Spices and Coffee, Coconut products, Rice and miscellaneous products.
We export only premium quality produce. Every individual fruit or Spices exported by AHDAN is clean, fresh and tasty.
We can guarantee that both in-country and overseas customers will be utmost satisfied with our produce and rely on our service to conform to exceptional quality and hygiene requirements. To export high-quality fresh orchids, fruits, and Spices at best prices directly negotiated with farmers in South India and up-North area. Customers’ satisfaction always comes first in terms of quality, freshness, diversity, and value for money, packaging and shipping.

Fresh Semi Husked Coconut

Our organization involved in offering a wide range of Pollachi Semi Husked Coconut. These can be availed in all standard sized packaging as per the precise demands and requirements of clients. Our products are extensively recommended by clients owing to its rich taste and assured quality.

Desiccated Coconut Powder

As one of India’s leading desiccated coconut exporters, our products meet the highest standards of production and quality. Our desiccated coconut powder is farm-fresh, with a crips and nutty flavour – something that is preserved by our hygienic packaging that locks in all of the natural moisture. Great for use in cooking, the desiccated coconut powder we produce can be mixed with water to create tasty coconut milk or used in chutneys, curries, desserts and confectionery, with our stringent quality control measures meaning that the uniquely delicious flavours of the Malabar coast are guaranteed.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic virgin coconut oil is low in cholesterol, meaning that it’s great for supporting heart health and its antibacterial qualities when created from pure, crushed coconut – can help to protect the body against pathogens and infections. 

Its uses also extend into cosmetics with the oil’s natural goodness being employed in a range of hair and beauty products.

Fresh Fruits


Quality Spices

Tea & Coffe